Honestly did anyone ask what happen? Prior to his death? Could this have been avoided had he cooperated!! !!!

DK in T20Is for India (since 2017) - Avg - 59.80 馃敟 SR - 161.62 馃敟 DK in IPL (last 2 seasons) - Avg - 41.72 馃敟 SR - 147.25 馃敟 DK in T20Is in India's win (since 2017) - Avg - 161 馃敟 SR - 147.70 馃敟 END OF THE FUCKING DEBATE

Jahangir chowk: I'm not too old but i remember this period it's 1992,93 when my school bus used to turn around this ring chowk of messy srinagar, A traffic 馃毀馃殾cop wearing high multicolour head turbine properly uniformed used to be their whistling&showing signal by hands

If you ain鈥檛 gone stand up for the black people stop fuckin on our black men

U don鈥檛 like what I have to say then [email protected] unfollow me idgaf I鈥檓 mad passionate about my rights and black peoples rights

I鈥檓 just letting y鈥檃ll know that if I see you post some 鈥渁ll lives matter鈥 bullshit you鈥檙e getting blocked. Idc how long I鈥檝e known you or how cool I am with your momma. I don鈥檛 deal with stupid.

The has been like all should be! Former anything my ass he鈥檚 a Murderer

BTW: if you follow me for ONLY sports, yo bad. I REFUSE to act like MY ppl not out here dying at the hands of a racist unjust system. I offer NO apologies for speaking THE TRUTH. So if being reminded that bother you, the unfollow button works fine. 馃し馃従鈥嶁檧锔

I will never ! I鈥檓 a black man before I鈥檓 a representative of this university, ! The recruits and families that have gotten to know me over the past years know what I stand for and 2 them, I鈥檓 more than just a 鈥榬ecruiter鈥, I鈥檓 !

Fuck Donald Trump !!!!!!!! I鈥檒l be saying this until the day i die...... Donald Trump is and always will be unfit for the role of the president of the United States

OMG.. He looks so stylish, glamorous & sauve even with a mask. NAG you are undoubtedly the best looking star. 馃槑馃暫馃憫

First degree murder with no parole, the other cop needs to be charged with accessory I felt sick watching that video. Cops don't have the right to do that just because they wear a uniform馃槼

When I throw this workout stuff into overdrive... I鈥檓 gonna need you to keep that same energy like when I was lil

FUCK peace ! That ain鈥檛 got us no where ! I said what i said 馃枙馃徑 fuck them up & overrrrrr

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