This wooden laptop was made in and is designed to last between 10 and 15 years 😱

Hernan Asto Cabezas, an inventor from , , has found an way to provide his neighbourhood with using clay pots. Here is how:

Some day, we’ll all, be free 🕗🔜🗽🆓🏁 • sacred lands, humble humans, food with love, people filled with love. Everything you can expect to explore in

I was probably one of the last visitors to in this year. It was a humbling experience and a dream come true. It seems like a million years ago, honestly.

's confirmed cases rise to 148,285, an increase of 6,506 from the previous day. 131 new coronavirus-related deaths reported, taking the national death toll to 4,230. The country has the second-highest number of confirmed cases in Latin America, after Brazil.

Hector is a buyer at CREC's company in . Hector has always kept a clear record of every purchase. His unwavering attention has earned him praise from colleagues. From Mar. 2020, Hector has been mobilizing protection supplies for the team to ensure construction continuity.

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