And live everyday like it's your last 'Cause life only get harder as time goes past And yo, the sun might not come out tomorrow Don't let your life end in sorrow

残念ながら、 2010年2月26日に 36歳の若さで天国へ旅立った 日本を代表するトラックメーカー No.055 🌴You Tube🌴   Nujabes 瀬場 潤(せば じゅん) - Good_Vibes_blog

Nujabes♪Horizon Even now the music of 's cheering me up! thanks a lot. i just can't

[BACK BONE ] 「Luv(sic.)pt3(feat.Shing02)」 On the analog player watch the people glow Sit back to the breeze let the memories flow Comedy tragedy all the highs and lows

- Feather - Regulate - Drive Slow Homie - Meditate

一番出てきて欲しかったレコード出てきたーヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" 曲も好きだけどジャケットが素敵過ぎて買った一枚✨

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