Our are just outside this field hospital in offering emotional and spiritual care. Please join us in praying for the medical team and patients.

5th Ave today at noon...”The city that never sleeps” has gone into hibernation.

A team of six —three from North Carolina, two from New York and one from Maryland—are in right now. They're ministering to people at the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak.

🚨 streets saddened by the sound of a siren ringing 24 hours🚨 We all have to contend with the after overcoming the difficult situation now in the . Let's overcome by power.😷🇺🇸💪

when this is all over, we need to ask some tough questions and not rest until we get answers.

Or SOMEBODY in please check out . Wouldn’t that be amazing? Something good may be coming of all this!

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