Remember when Sen. Deb Fischer voted to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions? residents are lucky to have health insurance for concerns

The toughest decision on my early ballot was in the race. Ultimately I ended up going with but it's hard to tell who the favorite in that primary is.

It's been almost 7 years and Sasse still hasn't produced an Obama Care replacement plan.

Check this Bill out it sounds like a great idea for Nebraska! What are your thoughts? Will you consider supporting it? 🐄

Why are critical supplies going to Commercial distributors? Why isn’t the White House more concerned with saving lives? Is too busy to help?

Ben Sasse cares about the rich. Sasse believes that rich people don't have enough money & that the poor and middle class have it too easy.

((((( Really people )))) We are allowing the cave man rules from the stone ages To take over our country laws & regulations ????? Then, all those Middle East wars we have been in as a country We lost the battle of the war & forcing us to comply our we are Racist ?

This is where data doesn't reflect that Non-Partisans "generally" vote for Democratic candidates. There was, of course, the bump in 2008 for Obama's first election. But 2012 turnout dropped. 5/

Reviewing 's registered voter data for April. No major shifts. One-quarter of the state's 93 counties still have more registered Non-Partisans than Democrats. 1/

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