Napa weather Thur: 50s-90. Heat Advisory. Mild wind. Fri: 50s-80. Partly sunny. 26 mph gusts in mtns. RH in PM 45%. Sat: 50s-70s. Chc light rain. Sl chc T-storm. PM RH abt 60%. Strong chc of weather whiplash! Sun: 50s-70s. Partly sunny. Mild wind.

RMC has exclusive access to several new must-try virtual experiences for groups of all sizes, including one-to-one blending sessions with Shadybrook Estate Winery's winemaker, Rudy Zuidema! Taste the best of & inquire today:

- has turned into "Wine Everyday" for me, due to Covid-19 self-isolation and the current election year BS. I'm voting for the Wine & Cheese Party in 2020...

During summer and fall, you'll notice Napa turns golden. The only green that's left is mostly vineyards! What a sight to behold!

We are so grateful for the support from Jones Family Vineyards. Because of supporters like the Jones family, OLE Health will be able to help those individuals that were already facing economic challenges pre-COVID-19. The need is real. The need is now.

Happy and from all of us in the Appellation ! We are raising a glass of our favorites to all the fallen heroes who served.

On ​we remember the men & women who have served our country ​As it's also ​ we will raise our glasses in the sunshine In Dogged Pursuit of Perfect

Wake and bake Napa Valley? We meet monthly, 7:00 am, allows you to trade up-to one ounce of cannabis, no cash transactions allowed, pancakes included... by invitation only...

This 2007 should pair well with these Ribeyes that are headed to the grill later. Cheers to all and enjoy your Saturday evening.

Celebrating our daughter’s 2020 High School graduation with a 2002 Caymus!! Cheers!!

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