So here the problem. Someone ask me: Is NCT a group that has a lot of name (like TVXQ if u know) or a group that has many group? Why it's so hard to tell non Nctzen abt this group???😥😥😥

NCT Dream - Ridin' is back to Melon Real Time Chart June 2 2020 - 1AM KST #100 (new) Freezing #100!!

200601 • 24:00 | Hanteo Daily Chart Reload: 23,086 copies Total: 495,611 copies

NCT DREAM - Ridin' Melon Peak Position Realtime Chart: #1 Daily Chart: #25 Weekly Chart: #47 Monthly Chart: #68

[Spread the word!] 7 Days by is updated! Tell NCTzen around! Today's update is a new NCT DREAM song plus limited theme!

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