Yeah were happy to do it! But WERE GOING TO NEED A FAVOR, THOUGH! Come January, and the UNAMERICAN SENATORS ARE GONE, we will have an AMERICAN TRIAL, with witnesses and documents and be done with all this cheating and complicity! Trumps dragging ENTIRE PARTY DOWN! Seeya

The best place (for now) I’ve ever visited is Cannot wait time start travelling again 😀 What’s your favourite destination?

Garden Ring in central still semi-empty. Mayor's office says one million people (15% of workforce) still haven't returned to work due to restrictions. Nitrogen oxides levels in the city were reduced by half during the April.

The amount of bots answering this is staggering .... must be in overdrive

🏨 in 1957 the grand opening of the Hotel in the city centre took place. With 1,026 rooms and 34 stories, it was the largest in 🌃 The 198 m tall structure was the second tallest of the neoclassical group of skyscrapers called 'seven sisters.'

BREAKING: Chechen leader Ramadan Kadyrov has been hospitalized in 's capital on suspicion of infection.

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