It's weird /strange stickers time (and 1 graffiti) 🤔 PS: just had to post something as the result of being out at office today 😁

Palaces, monasteries, cathedrals, museums, parks, hills, towers, water bodies, galleries, shops – never runs out of places to Visit:

An Explosion occurred this morning in a business centre in central , Russia . Authorities say the blast was caused by boiler equipment failure . 4 people suffered minor injuries .

VIDEO: Aftermath of this morning’s explosion in downtown . 🇷🇺

Blast occurred inside a tall office building in , shattering its windows and starting a fire - local media

BREAKING: Explosion reported in business center in downtown

Disinfection teams clean the doors at houses entrances to prevent spread of COVID.

Amazing views of the city. We are looking forward to going for a walk

🚊 On 6 April 1899 launched its first regular electric tram route. At first the tramcar could only go as fast as 6-7 km/h. Nowadays the Russian capital has 45 lines, and the newest model Vityaz-M travels at 75 km/h carrying up to 265 passengers 🚋

With those 3 images I am ranking among TOP100 of 's largest photo contest, having reached semi-finals of festival in

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