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今日は快晴ですね! このクリスタルで、空の様に澄やかな心を保ちませんか? アンダラクリスタルは皆様をサポートします。

Hi, I just wanted to say that black lives matter 😳 Please stay informed about what’s happening in Minneapolis right now and help in any way if you can

Another beautiful garden is now in the world, folks! Can you picture the purple beans which will hang down from that beautiful moon gate? I can!!! I had the best time working on this garden with a fellow farmer. He…

moon-gateからお知らせ📢です! このアンダラクリスタルはBASEでは¥6000で出品を予定していますが、ツイッターからDMを頂ければ¥4000でお譲り致します(*^_^*) お気軽にお声掛け下さい(о´∀`о)

The Moon Gate (月亮门) is a traditional feature of a Chinese Garden, providing a stylised frame & portal. In Chinese culture, the full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion.

Starry Heavens - day after tomorrow (Moon Gate - EP)

おはようございます! こちらのアンダラクリスタルはシエラネバダ産です。 このツイッターからはBASEに出す前の物を先行してお届けしております。 気になる方はDMでお声掛け下さい。

“Between always and never.” ~ Paul Celan 📷 Moon Gate Garden

BASEに出してない、ツイッターのみのアンダラクリスタルもあります。DMを頂ければお譲り致しますので、お気軽にお声掛け下さい。 まさにこのクリスタルはBASEには出してないです。

Quarantine status: dreaming of ways to incorporate a moon gate into my backyard.

We love the way the moon gate is captured again in the reflection. This Corten steel with bespoke inner stainless steel Moon Gate was designed by and fabricated by us.

Outboard, river. Bluetail, tailfly, Luther, in time, Suntower, asking, Cover, lover, June cast, moon fast, As one changes, Heart gold, leaver, Soul mark, mover, Christian, changer, Called out, saviour, Moon gate, climber, Turn round, glider.

Reminds me of the intro to Ultima VI, with the red moon gate.

When will they release the TRUTH about star gate, moon gate, there's a lot more to learn, open your minds, you will be amazed!!!

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