Some words of ‘wisdom’ earlier from the future-ex Tory MP for . Since then, police have been called to his wife’s 40th birthday party at their house, but Rob Roberts wasn’t there.

Recently find mold in your basement? Find out why you should avoid the DIY Mold Removal method and go with a professional:

"The best practice in building a comfortable, durable and safe home is to adopt a resistance strategy."

Phoenix Area SERVPRO Professionals use advanced equipment to detect the source of water feeding the mold. Next, they isolate the affected area using a negative air pressure chamber.

If you see a piece of your food such as bread or fruit starting to , do you cut? around the chunk that is bad, or do you completely throw it away?

Not to be a ‘what fungi are these’ guy but what , or are growing in my pantry and for how much should I be suing my landlord?

Restoration 1 of Cincinnati! Another great example of the superior service you will receive from Restoration 1. Keep shining Restoration 1 of Cincinnati and team! #

All the hot states! Shut down air conditioning system look what it did to the merchandise!

Did you know that using a dehumidifier in your crawlspace can reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Mold does not grow well in dry areas.

You may have learned that 25% of the population has a sensitivity to mold. If you are concerned about foods that are higher in mycotoxins, we have a list of 9 high mold foods to avoid. And PS – #3 will surprise you! -->

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