1st June till 15th July 20 will be challenging for domestic affairs. Time is still auspicious for border security. After 15th July, reputation and might of will increase many folds. Time to regain what was lost has arrived. Trust 'Mars' ()..continued

Always so honored to host the National Parade Telecast through the years saluting our courageous . Thinking of our heroes who truly make the land of the free because of the brave!

Remembering our fallen on this Memorial Day 🇺🇸 A debt we can never repay. ❤🎗

Remember it's not about a day off or a BBQ. Honor and Remember their sacrifice. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🌹

Happy Memorial Day. God bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and those of us who reside in it.

43 episodes, 14 specials, 16 Covid19 episodes, 5 forces friendly business conversations, 23 months, nearly 400k downloads, 3 British Podcast nominations, 100s of 5/5 reviews and hopefully we are providing support, guidance and helping our communities develop & grow

Our friends decided we might as well enjoy this Memorial Day weekend to the fullest! We won’t eat it all today but I’m going to put those steaks and sausage on the grill. Will grill some asparagus & large potatoes! Thankful to those who serve and those that perished.

So how are personal contracting when they are wearing from head to toe? Same with healthcare workers. Something isn’t right, it’s just not sitting well. What are we not being told exactly? Is the defective crap from ?

Where are my Active Duty, Veterans, LEO, EMT, Firefighters at? State your branch, MOS and rank below and be recognized and thanked! Ill start. US. Army 11B E-5

BOOK OF THE DAY -- May 20th Free on KU: Devil in False Colors by Has received a perfect 4/4 by OBC! Though third in the Lara-Uri series, it can be read as a stand-alone!

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