Isn’t this the cutest thing? 🥰 My baby almost a Toddler now and I can’t.😩 s service😂

And there you go, "Trust me." , , What more could you want?

There’s some who view a by the amount of people who attend. As for me I view a by the amount of they have.

I'm a woman of . I'll . In times like these, use common sense to work with faith during a . is Everywhere, Heart & Soul. It's too soon for anyone to crowd a storefront or . Lives Are More Essential. for now.

Also, what about the phrase "Anywhere where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name"? But sure, lets put 500 or in a so Joel Osteen can pass his collection plates of love through the pews to pay for another Learjet.

A bldg is not needed to Pray 96,761 r Dead 45 is only looking out for Paula & other 's that donate 2 him & not the communities or the ppl n their church's

I bet all the pastors don’t have enough money from out of work flocks to put jet fuel in their jets so they asked to open up the money flows on Sundays like just about dollars in her purse

I understand that will make the world less safe for the rest of us if they go back to packing out their hype stadiums but there’s a voice in my mind that says let them receive the full reward of their .

If is sincere, he should attend a huge southern this Sunday and not wear a mask. I hope that he does not do such a foolish thing, but it would be a way to show that he means what he says.

I get it, I can in a liquor store. HOW do you SD inside of a church? Not everyone attends a or sized bank, er,

. Wow. What a Money grab by California willing to risk their to pen churches. Where in the Bible does it say you must ?

In the middle of Jane-apalooza, (equal parts /, don’t ask) more of later, & a creepy ad w/ a grotesquely unctuous guy, , comes on & I realize, if I were doing an updated P&P, how I'd cast, costume & coif

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