DAPO SWEETS! ! U voice was made for this. So SMILE!

Dont smile like that or else... i'll be falling for you that hard. <3

lil'a/ My diamond💎 #Maverickattack#youngwolf #11block#est19xxmjpn

Hoy un día gran junto :D con su producción de su nuevo y primer álbum del genero Urbano junto con "Studios Touch" .. Suerte ;D

Regram from jwcancun, where we'll be checking in in ONE WEEK! Many thanks to for spoiling me…

Sometimes interferes with my food styling ambitions. Can you guess which one he added the…

Got to make dinner on a weeknight TWICE this week. Grilled cheese with provolone,…

Can never stay angry at him for long!

: select Levi Steinhauer in the 5th Round (40th overall) !

: Another strong outing for . 7IP, 2H 1ER 2BB 7K for Class A Potomac. Now 3-1 2.21 ERA 25K in 6 starts.”

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