There’s not a person alive that believes that statement.

staging a scene so they can post on social media .

Double down on the narcissistic posts.

I knew it wouldn't take long for the doorstep virtue signalling to take off properly. Plenty meaningful things you can do without making it all about you.

WOW so it's a cat. A cat that can shit. Life goals complete. Mine is orange and has barely any legs and cost thrice as much as your bengal. Now what?

Am so excited and am not even sorry. 😃Strawberries reddening, tomatoes & parsnips recovering and a little wee cauliflower emerging. 😁🙏Let’s skip over the fact I killed the cucumber plants though eh. 😬🙈

It's weird, we're not seeing too much of this stuff right now.

With foreign students stranded, starving & relying on charity food, again demonstrates his ‘impeccable’ sense of judgement showing off samosas in a wank..

Prime example of how far our society has fallen in the age of & social media! Tweets that trivialize/reduce the real issue inaccurately, all for your own brand/profile, followed by “using that platform” to pump your agenda!😂

I wonder if anyone in these Antifa videos will throw a rainbow on and switch it over to Pride tomorrow?

He will become obsessed with rallies by dinner. ! Watch out America, Satan is headed to a football stadium near you.

And then finds the camera and stares right at it for her close up. 🤮

Please pay attention to me is how I translate this tweet. I hope I'm not like this when I'm menopausal. This tweet reminds me of dealing with menopausal ladies when working in retail.

Because I grew up after the Hinchcliffe era, I often say that I didn’t find Dr Who scary when I was growing up. But that’s not entirely true – the Mara possessing Tegan definitely scared me. In both stories, it’s written and performed so chillingly

Yesterday I drank a gallon of water I am now the god of hydration

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