Local Authorities are all highlighting ways for VCS, and volunteers to connect with vulnerable communities at this difficult time. If you need help, or want to help, we've listed all their links below to save you having to search for them.

Social Distancing is starting to show. Trafalgar Square completely empty!

A boy amid ruins of bookshop after air raid 1940, reading of London c oldpicsarchive

to shooting the video with . I was going thru so much at this time in my life. Fighting cancer & still working doing my art. This video & song will always be special to me. When鈥

I give you this evening鈥檚 sunset over London. Grateful for the balcony and the view.

Our officers continue to work hard across the city today, tackling crime, working closely with our blue light colleagues and focusing on keeping the public safe. Officers will continue to do their utmost to keep safe.

Please support vital charities like that aren鈥檛 forgetting the homeless during homeless people are forgotten by most, in the freezing cold, the driving rain, the scorching sun, hungry and alone. Help them and their pets.

Primrose Hill. The rich have left and are now infecting the countryside. .

Please support our children鈥檚 hospices through this crisis. They are all working hand in hand with their local hospitals during this crisis by freeing up beds and crisis care.

鉂滺arrods鉂 Department Stores in empties off its store shelves in preparation to any possible 鉂滳haos鉂 as a result of

Just spoke on about the difficulties Councils across are having getting enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for social care workers in care homes as they look after residents with Covid-19. I called 4 local businesses to donate PPE to Ealing Council

Tonight I am very sad beyond believe. Lost my solid best friend to this cruel . A women I loved, respected and trusted. RIP my trusted support of hard times. Name not mentioned for family privacy. We all need to take care please?

chillin in London. Not sure if they prefer it or not, no one to feed them

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