Salisbury and Collingwood Docks, . The tales this area could tell over the years.

Worked with Mr Chow on financing his restaurant back in the early 1980s but now its closed like so many others. We had trouble communicating initially until we found a shared knowledge of French. Chinese guy and English guy in could only communicate in French!

Nasiratul Ahmadiyya have created beautiful Eid cards to wish each other and their families a blessed

Areas of will soon be blooming with colour as wildflower seeds have been planted. It plays an important part in encouraging biodiversity around the city and put a smile onto peoples faces. If you spot our flowers in bloom, be sure to send us your photos!

The US Consul in from 1790 until 1829 was James Maury who is memorialised on his house in Rodney St. He lived in Liverpool before he was Consul and he quietly dropped his job name in Gore's Directory during the War of 1812.

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