& are dumb pieces of shit who feel entitled to everything! I refuse to use the word , wtf is that Bullshit!! News flash mfs you鈥檙e Latino(s)! I will never teach my kids that word or identify to as that.. LatinX estos huevos hijos de su puta madre!

Anyone that does research work related to the population needs to tune in to this webinar on the impact of COVID-19 among Latinxs.

I stand with all my black friends. I understand ur guys frustration. both a victim of discrimination/racism. You guys go off. Fck what the media says. Love & support from

hey familia--a reminder that we're open for submissions for our exciting Lit Celebration guest edited by the brilliant // we'll be reading thru July 1 <3

Angeles Investors Member Luis Ubi帽as will our next pitch night! He is a former partner at , former President of the , and an investor helping us fund, fund and grow & ventures. Read about him here:

Pleased to say my collection will be published w . I didn't think anyone would want my tales of growing up Chicana in Tx mixed w urban legend, folklore & personal horrors. Mestiza Blood is the story of my skin and blood.

I鈥檓 proud to be one of them! More Latinos Earned Degrees This Past Decade Than Any Time In History

From LA to CHITown to the BIG Apple. Wonderful discussions on Friday night's Social Hour! Collectively joining forces to elevate our communities amidst COVID-19. #familia#LA#CHICAGO#nyc

Thank you to Plaza Las Americas and its donors and sponsors for supporting food for our families! this is how the community supports our families in need during COVID-19

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