Put the volume up,close yours eyes and enjoy it.this is how Latinos party feels

Guys ICE is putting Latinos in concentration camps and killing them. It’s the holocaust for the Latino community.

You also have the community with you ❤

I'm and I'm voting in November. The economy was booming, unemployment was at an all time low especially for minorities, our borders are more secure. I believe is the one to lead us back. So ya, I disagree with you. But I don't hate you.

Nah I ain’t silent. What happened and has BEEN happening for a long time is disgusting. I’ll keep waiting till all 4 of those cops are in custody. To all my African-American brothers and sisters, and my fellow people of color- you are NOT alone.

2015: Dick Durbin’s Office Sought To Block Bush’s ‘Latino’ Court Nominee-Durbin’s Senate staff submitted a memo in 2001 asserting that GW Bush 🇺🇸Appeals Court’s nominee Miguel Estrada was an “especially dangerous” prospect because “he is .”

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