Why can’t we move all the jobs from China to central/south America. Closer logistically, help develop those nations and don’t have to deal with Chinese govt. Could also help slow down the diaspora

is the fourth largest investor in Spain with a Foreign Direct Investment amounting to €40,517 M, which represents an increase of 200%, in the last ten years

One of my favorite videos🥰💖 Ö: did you say hello to everyone? E: I did wallah Ö: they’re so sweet E: they are very much 💗💗💗

Poor countries in and cannot find enough materials & equipment to test for , partly because the and are outspending them. And many of these countries even don’t have infrastructure to produce locally.

Thrilled to partner w/ & team to offer treatment guidelines in for clinicians in . Thank you to for her enthusiasm & to the volunteer translators & editors (all Latinx MDs)!

Fourteen million workers lost their jobs in because of the rise of the pandemic.

Despite quick action throughout most of , the region won’t escape COVID-19. The one-two COVID & oil-price punch will ensure the region’s demand doesn't recover to 2019 levels even by the end of this year.

To save lives & minimise suffering, ’s response to the crisis must be as efficient as possible. Otherwise, precious resources lost to could cost countless lives. Here are the recommendations of our chapters in the region.

"Wennamenna" - how my Argentinean Mom has said "wait a minute" since the day I can remember.

With over 𝟓𝟎% of the population unable to access , is spreading in . Today at 4pm former mayors , , & will be discussing their insights and recommendations toward recovery. Register 🔜

The Santiago Center invites you to participate in a webinar addressing the heath and economic impacts of in . Date: Wed, Apr 8 Time: 3:00 to 4:00 PM Chilean time. Use this link to access:

means helping society to improve and showcase its talent across country borders. That's what is made of, talented people ready to change the world!

Last week, 13 of our national chapters from across raised alarm over serious risks in the region’s emergency response to the pandemic, and specifically, the public procurement process.

The PCA’s Annual Report 2019 features the inauguration of its Buenos Aires office in October 2019. From its Buenos Aires office, at the San Martín Palace, the PCA can administer the growing number of PCA cases involving Latin American parties.

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