Taejongdae Park 태종대 has been one of my favourite places so far in korea! Check out my blog to see what you can do in Busan, South Korea 😁

🏟 South Korea 🗓 Over 2.5 fh asian corners 💰 Stake - 1.5 unit Let me know if you are on ❤️

My wish is to go to South Korea 🇰🇷 What is your wish? 🌸 ~Your wish you will always achieve ~

Today in UN peacekeeper’s day . This year’s theme is recognising the power of to create a better world for all. I’ve had the honour & privilege to serve with many excellent women & men from all countries in service or .

Well done . Hopefully them saying no to the US becomes a trend. The sooner they turn away from them the better

Only in can you do a thesis in a topic with such relevance to the public

's habit to distort history is disturbimg, commonly seen in people with paranoid schizophrenia. What's the reason behind Korea's post war description of Yangban? From thieves, and cruel abusers to 'lovely people'. Maybe they are still running the country?

*putting a jacket on your kid not because he is cold or that you think he is cold but because you just want to avoid having a random ahjumma scold you while insisting he is cold*

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