It is a list of Youtube shooting Tokyo stations in Japan and the surrounding streets. Please take a look by all means.

Casket with nine bottles, anonymous, c. 1680 - c. 1700 - the box was made in Batavia and the bottles, for scent & oils, made in . This was a VOC [Dutch East India Company] corporate gift (Rijksmuseum) It is a lovely thing.

Me watching all my races getting postponed or cancelled 😩 stay safe and stay home people, the less we move the quicker everything will return to normal

Not an : I have the pleasure to start today, 1 April, as a National Expert at the Trade Section of the EU Delegation to .

Spring frost dancing in the air a shimmer of heat Shiki | Nina Ahn (Trans. Tanaka Kimiyo)

Japan seems confused. Is Japan’s hell coming or have we missed it? I sense more people/companies are worried and are bracing. The mood has changed. Govt needs to step up (and stop the in-fighting). First, schools. They’re really opening next week??? 🇯🇵

Toji Temple (東寺, Tōji), literally "East Temple", was founded at the beginning of the Heian Period just after the capital was moved to Kyoto in the late 700s.

So getting Blockbuster wom in 💥 Mass craze for giant man unlimited across the boarder. 🔥

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