Hey All! We need phone bankers for our final quarter run against Wasserman Schultz! Please sign up at !

You can loot the country of trillions, no one says a word. You can loot a department store for thousands & everyone loses their minds. When we change our priorities, we can change 🇺🇸.

Going LIVE at 830pm on periscope with to discuss our huge endorsement today!

We are going to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz! ✅ sign up for Vote By Mail ASAP ✅ register as a Dem by July 18th ✅ VOTE from Aug 3rd to Aug 18th

HUGE Announcement tomorrow at 930am EST, RT & stay tuned..

Human Capital Stock. AKA human life is viewed as expendable by the ruling class when calculating the bottom line. They do the EXACT SAME THING when it comes to War. Yet another reason we must elect .

As an Astros' fan I'm still rooting for you in August to defeat Debbie. May I please have a follow?

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