Things I never believed would excite me: A voicemail that the part for my dishwasher has arrived.

Having a glorious weekend so far- Friday night baking with my Mum.

Getting the 3.42 train with all my lessons planned for next week be like

It's only taken 9.5 years but I have officially turned into - bringing my piece in the bread wrapper

I dunno how this has happened, but I鈥檝e now 2 road bikes....yes, two!

As someone who used to go to Rangers games as a teen draped in a UJ, who sang GSTQ & rule Britannia all over Europe while following my team for over 30 years, now prefers to watch the conference live, rather than watch my team live on Sky Sports ^_^

Eating an aubergine sandwich with a soya latte to drink. Fuck me it鈥檚 time I got back on the tolls and took ket 馃槀

Finally getting a taste of my own medicine and all I have to say is ...I am so sorry to the guys I have wronged

Birmingham is getting a face lift 馃憣 It ain't a bad place to be on a sunny day... Who am I anymore? 馃槓

Today I put in nearly 10 hours of writing just so I can be where I am now... Sofa, red wine, sweet chilli crisps, FOOTBALL!!!

Next level change... we've now started to grow things we can eat! Lettuce, peppers, strawberries and tomatoes...

I feel like I've gotten that point in my life where I'm a little grandma, that enjoys staying in and watching Netflix and going grocery shopping lmao

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