G Class Frigate spotted farther East now just north of Misrata , operating in the same general area patrolled by frigates, in this case 1 Italian Horizon class vessel is on station.

Amalfi Coast, Italy 📍 • Known for its sheer cliffs and picturesque views 🇮🇹 • What's the best place to visit in your country?

🧭 Visits You! 🗺 A picture-perfect vision of shimmering blue water fringed by a village clinging to near-vertical mountain Read more 👉 📍 📍🇮🇹

Northern Italy has the potential of being like Switzerland or Austria, but due to its lack of political autonomy it's enslaved by the Italian government, which taxes our companies to death to finance itself and the permanently underdeveloped regions of Southern Italy.

I and I urge the government to listen to the cry for help from those who ask for and . must frees itself from submission to the regime.

and are the only two countries which are reopening economies, when the active cases r still going up.. Look at , , , , , and They all have reduced active cases and then reopening economies..

’s record bond sale will cost taxpayers extra €1.5bn. Rome sold €22.3bn of 5y Covid-19 notes w/1.4% real yield, which will saddle taxpayers w/€1.6bn of interest expense over 5yrs, €1.5bn more than if Rome had borrowed using EU emergency credit.

A beautiful view from the Amalfi Coast via mermaidmrym

Turk claims in Aegean/EMed, Libya, Syria, etc., are ludicrous! Imagine claiming lands/seas where Alexander the Great went; or, claiming wherever Her Majesty's Empire once extended; or, claiming lands the Roman Empire one held! Baseless, and, funny!

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