Despite US sanctions on Russia, Putin sent medical supplies to help the US contain the outbreak. And despite EU sanctions, Putin deployed Russian doctors to the forefront of the fight against in . This is the man corporate media loves to hate.

Don't cry Italy according to my calculation death should start reducing from 2nd April and will be very less after 7th April and hence the country should be able to control the outbreak by 23rd April. Jesus is blessing you.

Flying, oh, oh! Singing, oh, oh, oh, oh! In the blue painted blue. Happy to be up there...🎶 Lombardia is the most affected region by coronavirus in , Share the beauty, show sympathy❤ (Full video 👉🎥idressitalian/instagram)(Founder: boyephotography)

People in Italy have started to anonymously leave essential food items in public places for others in need to take. In Naples the food is left in wicker baskets suspended from balconies in the city’s alleyways. 📍Italy

New shipment of Russian med-aid arrives in

If it were in ❤ it would have been all over the media! But it's in

🇮🇹 Flags at half-staff at the Embassy of in Washingtin DC to honor the victims of . We stand in solidarity with all those who have lost their loved ones, family, and friends. – at Embassy of Italy

Doesn't look like needs Eurobonds to get money in the markets: Italy sold €1.5bn 2030 bonds at 1.44%. Auction oversubscribed w/bids €2.289bn vs €1.5bn accepted.

military experts continue disinfection efforts to prevent spread in

: the vice president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (lower house of parliament) takes down the EU flag from his office and replaces it with the flag of 🇮🇹 Italians are furious that the EU has done nothing to help them during the coronavirus outbreak.

The mosaics on the ceiling of the Baptistry, . (Photographer: Shane Lin)

Today: bigger rise in deaths than yesterday (812 vs 756) taking death toll to a shocking 11,591. But encouraging sign: new infection rate is lowest it's been. Positive cases up by 2.2%, under half yesterday's 5.4% rise. Total cases up by 4.1% vs 5.6% yesterday

Manifestations in . A very recent article appeared in the regarding the findings in infection in . The authors report that (20.4%) developed cutaneous manifestations. More info ... 👇

In Milan, an elderly man in his 70s pushed a shopping cart on the street without a mask on his face, so a policeman came forward and asked. The old man cried and said he couldn't get a mask, so he couldn't protect himself on.. 1/2

Aid to : Austria is flying over a million masks, Albania is sending 30 doctors, Germany is evacuating Italian patients to its, hospitals Poland is sending medical supplies and doctors, Czechia is sending 10,000 protective suits, The EU sends thoughts and prayers.

Amazing mountain view and crystal clear sea at Orosei in Sardinia or Sardegna region 🇮🇹

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