Just to put things into perspective: Combined mkt cap of (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia) hit fresh ATH at $6.91tn, equal to combined GDP of and . by

Messages challenging YOU to take part GLOBAL SUMMIT Friday, 17 July This is form

A View of Naples through a Window (1824) by Franz Ludwig Catel (Germany, 1778–1856).

After years without a young green organisation in (expect South Tyrol), Young Green Activists have officially created “Giovanni Europeisti Verdi” this weekend.

If you see her eyes you power the light, if you don't put your glasses risk eyesight!...What the eyes don't see the mind imagines and like a dream takes shape! 🏛️ 😍

Thank you so much for your follow & likes & R/T & Comment & Message for which I'm grateful🙏❤ Wishing each everyone happy and blessed weekend🥰🥳 Stay safe & have a Joyful moment all my Twitter friends🤗😘 See you Sunday😎

Arch of Janus and round temple of Forum Boarium Photo by Georgina Masson (active 1950-1965)

| MoS met with the newly appointed Amb. of to the Kingdom, Roberto Cantone. The two discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to enhance them, as well as discussing a number of issues of common concern.

I've no idea what 's police are playing at, but I'm sorry to say that lazy, headline-seeking journalism isn't helping. Read the stories. The *only* "evidence" gives is that captagon is "the Jihad drug" & that has raised funds in the past thru drug smuggling.

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