Sooo lemmie get this straight: We DON’T have enough resources for adequate Pandemic relief, medical supplies or increased vaccine research—— but we DO have oodles to deploy militarized 🚔 in formation for the maintenance of oppressing Black people to subservience?

Good morning my people! HAPPY NEW JUNE! May was very nice to me. I won't lie. I know June will even be better for me, for you and for the entire human race. ! 🙏🏽🙌🏿... (Wait! That line sounded like that Michael Jackson song 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️)

The way rolled his tongue when said "Ọ gādiriiiiiiiiiiii gi nma" in dey burst my head 💯💯💯

Happy New Month May the month of JUNE Adjust More Closer I Course Enemies 2 Make their Grave Mistakes this Month that will Cause them their Lives & Destroy zoo &give us Victory May divine Confusion befall them & may d Foundation of Zoo Break

is pain from my heart. Being Igbo in Nigeria is like being black in America. Dedicated to the fallen Biafran Heros. I also pray that we that are alive can improve in LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY... Iseeeee!!!

I think it's very 'producer' of me to have weird fever-dreams about schedules and project management in my sleep.

So everyone is protected by the 1st Amendment except people you disagree with or just don't like. .

This “2020 Vision” is not at all what I thought it would be. but

do not come to play the role of a victim who does not have an old racist herinhell

The fear you sew, the air you take away, the refugee you bully; is the curfew we defy, is the burning building you smell, is the rebel you see . Honestly as a black black man I’m fuckin tired.

Like how your Georgia Governor had to resign for attempting everything you’ve just listed. Funny thing is, that only happen once and isn’t a problem in Presidential elections. When you lose, you just want to use this as a reason why you refuse to leave office.

Congrats to Associate Director for Research Madhu Khanna, President-Elect of ! Khanna, whose work covers agricultural, energy & environmental economics, wants to help AAEA attract scholars from diverse fields & backgrounds. 🔷More:

will be attending the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials virtual conference today. Make sure you connect with our team to learn more about and our services for analysis and management in

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