This picture was supposedly taken in a Target store. They have face masks on display. Unsealed AND have a mirror on the display so people can try on the masks to see how they look before they buy!

If not one major US sports league (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), with an almost infinite amount of resources, has been able to keep COVID out, how does anyone think we can keep it out of our public schools.

It's downright how people comment &/or openly attack other people for wearing a piece of clothing or accessories they don't agree with. Yet, they call Trump supporters awful. It doesn't even make sense! They clearly HATE us, all while telling us not to hate them. HUH?!!?

Man...if y’all ever feel or are having a lack of motivation please please go watch an episode of

It's a flag. Twitter, shame this guy. He thinks freedom means he can attack someone for burning a flag.

went from 130ish followers to 10,000 followers in less than 2 weeks.

Do we need skin color measuring instruments in HR so we can be sure that darker skinned candidates are sufficiently dark? Am concerned that we will leave out lighter skinned darker candidates.

I really hate her 😤😩.... She openly pramote Cruelty by wearing fur & she Really look like a witch😩...not a beautifull Celebrity!!👎💔 _Act!

Over 75 yrs elective surgery patient. Bus journey with wife over 120k to Dublin, taxi to hospital, 5 min Covid swab, taxi back to bus station, bus 120k home. Surely we can do better

Good luck on your new journey my bro! It was a pleasure to share incredible moments with you during these 4 years. 👊🏾👊🏾

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