A fully funded PhD scholarship for 2020. Social inclusion for children and young people with complex disabilities. Hurry, the closing date is 5pm Mon 15th June 2020

2/2 ...Latina actress Feiga Martinez, who played Elsa in "The Fan" and appeared in the Richard Pryor comedy "Critical Condition" (1987) w/ Bob Dishy. is valuable and possible, even among cult film nerds.

further 'ostracising' him (as he can claim actual psychological and medical supports available to him). Nerds, don't lose your vision over a videogame.

I want to positively disrupt systems to create more equitable places of work. Who’s with me?

I was struggling to decide if I should post this on here because it’s my “professional” platform. But the reality is I entered into this profession to shine some light to , , and in healthcare. And in order to do that I can’t just stay silent...

A 3rd grade girl wrote this about my cousin Jacob. THIS is what it is all about people... We need more positivity and kindness like THIS in our world ❗️❗️❗️

This is a really EXCELLENT book. If you want to understand from the inside why some young people may be really struggling, read this book. It will give you empathy and insight so that you can build positive relationships with them. You will be enriched. #

While we talk about & acceptance in the society,it actually begins from the home,when the family stands firmly behind their child,the world will too join them.

Just learned that I have been named a 2020 Inclusive Excellence Ambassador Fellow! Incredibly grateful for this award and opportunity to further mentor fellow first-gen and students of color

What if I told you.... many people practice subtler versions of dishonesty and weaponized whiteness against Black and brown people at work, damaging their careers everyday?

Today I “met” with Parents and Graduating Students. We discussed the business plan for each student and concerns that they may have. We had such a great meeting! Student Voice matters. Parent Voice matters ♥️

"While the long-term impact of Covid-19 on education will be dramatic, the future will be much more precarious if we do not focus on building systems for lifelong learning that safeguard quality and inclusiveness."

So proud of these two young men! Walkers first ever Golden Wolves from our Access Points Classes!

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