Who care about :)) That china's problem , lets china take care for them :))

As a , I'm sad to learn that an Australian university is doing what 's pro nationalists'd done to bring in totalitarianism that killed the city lately. To pick on someone speaking for the oppressed makes one an equal evil as the oppressor.

As a , I know this moment will eventually come, but it still stirs up a dash of sorrow and shock within me. But I'm also more determined to retrieve our guaranteed autonomy, and ultimately our daily lives w/ liberties.

CCP is corrupt on account of (1) MURDERING students in on 4thJune1989 (2) BRUTALLY suppressing , & 鈥榓 HUMAN RIGHT (3) Causing pandemic murdering 356K+ lives and so on so on... A MUST!!!

Omg.... why did these make chase after the young ladies in ? Will the girls be one of the lost ?

What did you do back when you鈥檙e 25 years old? I鈥檓 just an ordinary . I turned 25 this year and I fight for freedom and defend my . And I know I鈥檓 not alone. We will not surrender till our last breath.

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