Angeles Investors is still looking for incredible & and . Our deadline is Friday, April 10th. Please share and apply!

As of now, we never had any coalitions with any of these groups. and are culturally as well racially combining just like joining to still targeted !

We are searching for a Hispanic Project Manager for a national organization located in Washington, D.C. Check out the job description here:

Solis Health Plans Provides Medical Staff For COVID-19 Testing Site In Hialeah -Oriented

As a , this directive is killing me! We Hispanics like to touch, hug, and kiss. I cannot stand to STAND six feet from another human being. My smile goes but so far, damn it.

You know you’re Hispanic when you are pissed all the grocery stores are out of Caldo de Pollo.

You famously proclaimed your love for Hispanics while eating a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo, . That’s why this error is extra disappointing!

Angeles presents Bobby Niehaus, our Startup Specialist. Bobby is an MBA student at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and has been helping find, fund and grow & . Thank you, Bobby!

We need to make a change or an addition to the Race column. Thank u

This me. I’m that Hispanic neighbor. Stop being wack. Come over but stay 6ft away 😂

let prisoners go en masse because they wanted them alive. wants our prisoners largely dead, as they're mostly , & . Few big releases here. There will be mass riots & carnage. Dead sheriffs & correctional officers too. All intentional.

Politicians won't the & they OWN with jail & prison slavery, institutional racism and the absolute over the lives & deaths of , , / and inmates. They'll kill US to protect SLAVERY.

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