It's officially summer... 20°C, Shorts on, Sun shining and great afternoon walk. I want my money back tho because the lack of "lammas" in there. @ Lammassaari Helsinki

with Russia to get elected. Indictments, and he commissioned Russia to hack a fmr SOS emails on Nat'l TV, and they did!

Fresh spring winds blow at Helsinki Shipyard! In honor of our birthday on May 20 a mural has been started to be painted on the wall the shipyard's office building. Also a Panomax 360 panoramic camera will be installed on the beak of one of our cranes within a week.

What a lovely sunny day for ice-cream! 🌞This decorative wooden kiosk on Esplanade Park was built in 1893 and serves now as a cafe. 📸anskus (IG)

Going to be sharing some of my favourite pictures from a trip to that I really enjoyed back in December (which feels like a lifetime ago!) 🇫🇮👇

at it’s best!!! Tour de Lähi-itä ride route highly recommended. Experience all the shore lines if eastern Helsinki by bike in four hours, totalling up to some 75 km. And there where hardly anyone out there on early Sunday morning.

MT : Natural beauty in , . The whooper swan, 's national bird, features in folklore and culture, from the Kalevala folk epic to the works of composer Jean Sibelius.

Metro is still pretty empty in Helsinki. Hope you guys are all doing OK at the moment. Restaurants and bars will re-open June 1 here in Finland.

New life, new side dish. Threw in everything; potatoes, cabbage, carrots. Koskenlaskija cheese + pecorino romano. Ancient potholder - yet timeless😆 Good old cocktail. Compromised - no shaker. Stirred. Always works. Bon appétit, beloved twitter folks💋💋💋 ❤️

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