She did nothing, she just listened to Beijing, sold the soul of Hong Kong , kids are smarter than you!

’s gate is breached. Our autonomy guaranteed by the Sino-British Joint Declaration and has been bombarded by . This might be the finale of but shall not give in!

Although there are many HKers considering to leave , there are also many citizens standing out and fighting against to protect HK. We will never give up until we die.

Thugs beat up citizen again in Causeway Bay

Thank you for these videos, while still has a free press while China “president for life” Xi Jinping is trying to strip Hong Kong of its independence. If you care about this issue, please RT.

Contrast this with the situation back on 1 July when protesters broke into the Legislative Council. They put up signs saying they were not thieves and left money for the drinks that they took. police goons are just filth compared with the protesting youths.

May 24th, 2020 Hong Kong Protests against the CCP's plan to bypass the legislature and make it illegal to say anything negative about the Chinese government, even online. Ongoing coverage of today's protests will be tweeted here. THREAD 👇👇👇

Breaking: An act of defiance from Avery Ng of the League of Social Democrats, pasting protest signs upon the Liaison Office. “End one party dictatorship” Snowballing public outcry over China’s “evil claw” ramming through of its own dreaded into

. currently has 3 articles about on its front page, the most prominently featured foreign news. It’s up to us in HK to keep it there. The West is distracted by coronavirus at home. We have a small window of opportunity to draw world attention back here.

Some countries angrily jumped to make groundless accusations about China’s top legislature’s deliberation of security laws, which the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the HKSAR spokesperson firmly opposed.

Part of the new exhibit at the Museum comparing Beijing 1989 with 2019: an installation designed by renowned HK political cartoonist Zunzi.

police at the Liaison Office this morning appear to be fortifying it against any potential ‘unrest’ in wake of announcement of impending ‘national security’ legislation. Loyal to their colonial master til the very end.

For 6 years I have been advocating, campaigning, speaking for 's freedoms Over past 3 yrs I took it to a new level, founding Over past year it's been non-stop with crisis Now it's a fight for 's survival I'm in that fight. I'll always

Secondary students say they’ll file application as early as next week for judicial review of HKEAA’s decision under govt pressure to invalidate history exam question on China-Japan relationship. They expect intrusions in education to get worse under ‘national security’ laws.

Proposing the national security law for  shows the firm determination of the central govt in safeguarding sovereignty over the city and it delivers two messages: China won’t back off on its core issues and will safeguard them at all costs.

's National People's Congress has just included 's new as the 5th agenda item. Source told that the law will be immediately passed on May 28, with any HK's legislative scrutiny.

A satirical show Headliner was forced to be suspended after mocking . Due to its critical voices on & , this show was under fierce attacks from pro- supporters over the past 30 years. Freedom of speech in faces another crushing blow.

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