I never thought that I would be a fan of Spanish songs or of Zarzuela one day. But from the first moment I heard 's ...it was clear, I wouldn't stop to listento this velvet voice, to this great singer.

🌿 Finished with , the tiles of the collection acquire an intense and exotic appearance typical of the hottest regions of the planet. Each piece contains unique nuances that give it a special touch, achieving an amazing look throughout.

◼️◻️ police harasses activists in while allowing nationalists to break confinement. The immunity of the far-right in is ever present, with law enforcement's complicity.

Don't cry on Twitter what you don't fight in the street... Streets of always teaching me so much

I'm in , where we had a seroprevalence of 2.4%, which gives ~22K +ves. ~300 confirmed deaths, so IFR ~1.3%. Not many cases, so our health service was never remotely overwhelmed. which is worst affected had 11.3% sero = ~750K cases, 8.5K+ deaths, so ~1.1%.

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