While they have those diggers out, could they bury some of these logs along waterways? The fungi and carbon, as they decompose will take up a ton of awful nitrogen from farm inputs. Slow nitrogen leaching or make bulk biochar!

is coming up & as I can't do my usual military history walking tour I'm making some short films about sites in my neighbourhood that relate to the 20thC military history of . First up - the Army Hall on Fitzherbert St.

Nothing like spending the morning cutting hair at Gisborne's Men's Shed. They mightn't have walked out with the finest of cuts, but $7k later for the World's Greatest Shave, and it might have been well worth it!

We are very grateful for the support we have received at our recent meetings in and . 🇳🇿👍 It has been great to meet so many good New Zealanders who care about our country and our .

We'll be in tonight. Looking forward to catching up with everyone who is able to come along to hear about our policies and point of difference for New Zealand. 🇳🇿 Monday, March 2 7:00pm-9:00pm Holy Trinity Church

For our current issue, heads to . It was once the biggest area under vine in , but Gisborne’s downsizing has been a blessing, and it’s now brimming with fine wine and historical memories 🍇

Day 252 of 365: Nathan and Shanti get to wake up to this beautiful view of the ocean every morning, why don’t you join them sometime?

Just had further confirmation of the 40 degree temperature reached inland west of yesterday. This data map from shows Monday's daytime highs in all our valleys & main centres - the small pink dot at Te Karaka near Gisborne represents 40C!

: For the first time in our 15 years has both forecast & reported a 40deg temperature in the North Island. , near reached 40C at 4pm. It's now 38C. Most "official" readings come from coastal airports which can be over 10 degs lower.

For the first time ever data has a forecast of 40C in the North Island. has verified this temperature as currently 40C at Te Karaka (near ).

New fault system off Gisborne sheds light on East Coast tsunami and earthquake risks, New Zealand

2020 campaign has commenced. An absolute privilege to be confirmed as the candidate for the East Coast electorate today - and the focus is winning the electorate this year. Bring it on...

Hey there. How's your night going? I'm relaxing. Planning Friday and the weekend in the Central Goldfields area. Vic. Down to 0439 263 764

Day 199 of 365: Being the first country in the world to see the sun means we’re also the first country in the world to welcome the new year. Wishing everyone a happy 2020. It’s already looking bright & sunny ☀

tells us around 120 people are working on -funded projects at any one time in the area. Many work in roading construction like this team on flood repairs, and in September we heard a few of their stories Safer roads for

Happened to be working on reception for that strong shake . Well done to all our visitors for looking after each other, especially Te Kura o Whatatutu students who'd just arrived at the museum and knew just what to do to stay safe - you were braver than me!

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