The police are the same shit in every country - this happened in . The victims of police violence are from Dersim

"Rassismus gegen Weiße" is just a shit spread by racists & white supremacists to distract us from the real goal: fighting all kind of ! The problem is denied by the majority—those who can be part of the solution. This isn't leading us anywhere. A big shame on you !

The Roots of : The extremist anarchist-communist group was initially part of the ’s front operations to bring about dictatorship in , and it worked to label all rival parties as “fascist.” (Thread👇)

And I will never now what it is to have been black in South Africa or the US, Jewish in pre-war or in large parts of Europe today. That is why I don't feel that my very mild experience of qualifies me to speak about that. But enough is enough ...

Cases in were declining before lockdown. Cases did not decrease faster after lockdown. And with lifting, R did not increase - it further decreased. This looks like a natural decay, completely untroubled by our measures or lifting. (*Update*)

The reportedly long-festering issue of in the ranks of the German magazine Spiegel resurfaced in a new article that allegedly stokes Jew-hatred against a reporter for ’s best-selling Bild paper. Report by

Good morning from , where German citizens have saved even more money during the crisis and put it on their bank accounts. Total retail deposits rose by €27.6bn in Apr and hit fresh All-time high at €2.44tn. The volume of retail bank deposits has doubled within 18 years.

Good morning from , where the Top 5 percent of income earners pay 43.9% of income tax. The Top 10 of taxpayers account for 57% of total income tax. The bottom half, on the other hand, pays only 5% of income tax. (HT )

Don’t care what anyone says, I’m loving my husbands outfit in this v game, loads better than the rest of the teams kit!! 🥅⚽️

Really proud of the   campaign and my place in the team, looking forward to watching this v game and reliving some of the memories!   ⚽️ 🥅

An authentically reconstructed wine press dating to the 4th century AD. It is located in Piesport in the Moselle valley , on the edge of the famous slopes of the "Piesporter Goldtröpfchen" vineyard, described by the Roman poet Ausonius as "naturalique theatro". 🍷🍇

Even though travel from the UK to Germany isn't possible yet we can just about see the green shoots of recovery in the not too distant future. Everywhere in , hotels, restaurants, leisure & cultural sites are opening their doors. Hopefully, we will see you again soon 😎

Good morning from , where Lufthansa leads the list of bailouts w/ the equivalent of almost $10bn. Adidas follows in 2nd place, ahead of tourism group Tui and electronics retailer Ceconomy and car rental company Six.

Where will you go when you are allowed to travel again? Photos from my travels -- , ,

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