Here's an awesome treat for all you Y-Axis followers. time to sum up all your knowledge 'coz its time for a Lil contest! Answer this simple quiz and get a chance to win exciting prizes. Winners will be announced on 3rd April at 1:00 PM.

Germany is now taking in coronavirus patients from Italy and France, and offers neighbouring countries ICU hospital beds saving thousands of lives❤️🤝🌏 📍Germany

In , a certain show is proving to be quite popular. Fantastic production. thank you for being so... irresistible! Please, please say YAAAAS to a series regular role for season 2+. 🙏🖖

’s state of emergency law effectively eliminates opposition. It's a breach of basic principles that 🇪🇺 cannot accept. The has to act immediately. The EU26, including , have to demonstrate that they will not tolerate this abuse of the -crisis.

Good morning from , where growth forecasts become gloomier every day. DB expects for German 2020 GDP a slump of 10% in a protracted scenario which assumes lock-downs terminated prematurely or prove less effective, resulting in more persistent virus spread into mid-summer.

is literally like the funeral/death overseer of like the guy from phantasm. Not a leader. She oversees a comfortable collective death like an hospice nurse.

Powder flask from 17th century . Given the materials and artistry it likely went with a lavishly decorated hunting rifle. Ivory, silver, gold and steel. Height 5 3/4in, 14.5cm.

A man dismantling a tank with a blow torch during the post-war disarmament in .

Finance Minister of (Thomas Schafer) committed suicide coz hits their economy badly 🤦♂😥

600K ‘faulty’ Chinese face masks distributed to hospitals in the Netherlands have been recalled. , , , , & had to return faulty and fake test kits SOLD to them. Whats CCP's agenda?

Join us this as we act in solidarity with millions of others across the globe and switch off at home🏡. Let’s show our support for each other and our shared home🌏 Get ready to switch off your lights for our shared home at 8.30pm 🌎

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