31 March 1900 | A Jewish woman Ryfka Oschlak (nee Kamionkowska) was born in Nowominsk (today Mińsk Mazowiecki). She emigrated to where she married Max Oschlak. During the war she lived in Paris. In 1942 she was deported to . She did not survive.

Update of the situation in : jump in the data, maybe due to more testing ?

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to see some of the beauty this world🌎 has to offer, it gives power to live with such memories❤️ at home🏡...

How have facial coverings become so uncontroversial and, in fact, acceptable in jurisdictions that had not too long ago deemed them anathema and a veritable threat to civilization?

December 2025, Monaco conquered Andorra territory previously occupied by France. Check the full map at

Stunning and pristine blue sea in Corsica or Corse island 🇫🇷 French landscape and Mediterranean sea photo

Ready for a nap...🐾💤 (note that he managed to put chewing bone on the ear 😅)

What happened to Julian receiving a Humanitarian Visa from Switzerland?🇨🇭 What happened to him trying to get asylum in France?. 🚨We need to be kept updated🚨

30 March 1942 | 1st mass transport of Jews from occupied arrived at from the camp with 1,112 people. Part of them were also interned in . The transport did not undergo a selection process - all people were registered. 23 of them survived.

Four projects of Mirage series never put into production Mirage F2 Mirage IIIV Mirage G8 Mirage 4000

May 2024, France conquered Andorra territory. Andorra has been completely defeated. 163 countries remaining. Check the full map at

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