Yo know whatttttt, imma just take a little trip to real quick after the pandemic. Gotta explore the nature and climb some trees.

Hello friends! Remember me being devastated on my flower business a month ago because of this f***** virus. I’m ok atm. Mother’s Day deliveries saved whole spring❣️Don’t know what summer brings but I’m ok now!

A week ago, I started to demand for an euroexit of , or . The reason is simple. The 'Franco-German' proposal shows that political ambition (currency) is thought to be more important than constitutional state. We should not need to learn this lesson, again.

Finlandians' luck was great when took office only 3 Ws before the Corona pandemic To confirm this,one can simply look at the neighboring countries leadership of &her govt ladies colleagues was the main reason why survived the pandemic

I am able to sit even 12 hours mask at my face to travel 🌏 speaking about the 14 days quarantee when coming back to ’m worth it 🌞🌞

Just before sunrise. The next time the sun sets in Inari is at the end of July.

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