it's been almost a year, i think it's the time to bless again our tl

The Azerbaijan song is called Truth, but the chorus goes: "Shut up about it". True to the oath of silence. Crowns, facemaska, and even a subtle theme.

🗓️ Hace un año: ❌Army Of Love ❌Dear Father ❌Fridays ❌I Tuoi Particolari* ❌Kaos ❌La Ragazza Con Il Cuore Di Latta* ❌Muérdeme ❌Musica Che Resta* ❌On My Way ❌Pretty Little Liar ❌Surprise ❌Tous Les Deux ❌True Colors ❌Wear Your Love ❌2000 And Whatever

entries I expect to enter the : 🇳🇱Arcade 🇮🇹Soldi 🇨🇭She Got Me 🇸🇪Too Late for Love 🇧🇻Spirit in the Sky 🇲🇰Proud 🇮🇸Hatrið Mun Sigra 🇨🇿Friend of a Friend 🇨🇾Replay 🇸🇰Sebi 🇨🇵Roi 🇸🇲Say na na na 🇪🇸La Venda 🇬🇧Bigger Than Us 🇹🇯Az én apám 🇧🇪Wake Up What do you think?

This arrived in the mail - the Marcel Bezançon Artistic Award for Best Artist, named for the founder of . Honoured to be the first Australian winner of this prestigious prize. This one means a lot.

Have a look at the most shameful army worldwide. A Zionist terrorist soldier brutally beat a Palestinian child ! Is this the most moral army in the world ?

🎉Great to be at last night’s launch of ’s London Conference with so many Israeli entrepreneurs, investors & innovators and host . Almost 400 Israeli companies have opened offices in the UK, with doubtless many more to come.

Many thanks to for joining our Bastille day’s celebration « L’amour est pour toujours » 🇫🇷🇩🇰

🎼🎤🇮🇹 Mahmood conquers the headphones 🎧 and the stereos of the Israeli public! After winning Sanremo Festival and getting the 2nd place at , his song «Soldi» is one of the greatest hits of the 🇮🇱 summer 2019! Bravo ! 👏👏👏

These are the 20 cities that most listened to Mahmood songs on YT in the same period. Look at it! Only Italian cities! 🙃

MAHMOOD'S TOP 20 COUNTRIES ON YOUTUBE IN THE LAST 28 DAYS Italy: 12,3M The other 19 countries together: 15,47M Yes, Mahmood is really only heard in Italy as some eurofans like to say... 🤷‍♂️

In 1988 I was obsessed with this song. In at to be in the venue and hear the opening reprise at the final gave me goosebumps. My mother used to say back in the day “How many times am I going to hear that woman wailing” 🤣

Following use of Fake Social Media Accounts and Bots against in , - Cybersecurity Firm in the Bay Area, finds similar accounts Spread Pro-Iran, Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Trump Messages During 2018 Elections

Finally back visiting my hometown after some busy months doing stuff. Just had a great day visiting 5 kindergardens and met and joiked with a bunch of lovely sámi children! Tomorrow I’ll be going to my old school, god I love this town! 🤩

Conan Osiris has taken out the Barbara Dex Award for 2019 with his silky grasshopper look. Do you think his outfit was the worst of 2019, or was it high performance art? via

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