Cold-blooded daring saw the capture the heavily fortified Dutch base at on January 1st 1807 with almost ludicrous ease. Failure to recover from hangovers from the previous night’s festivities may have played a role, Click:

Want to learn a little bit about beautiful and the island nation of 🇨🇼? I've been feeding your senses with photos and videos, let's feed your head 🤔 now!

2019-01 Panama Canal cruise: Here is the last set of photos from our brief visit to the port of , 🇨🇼: 1. The NCL Gem 💎 ship! 2. Yours truly posing at the port terminal. 3. My 2 wonderful new friends from the ship, Linda 🇬🇧 and 🇳🇱! 😘

2019-01 Panama Canal cruise: Before we return to our "home" away from home on board the Gem 🚢 ship, how about a look at her from the port of , 🇨🇼?

Yesterday, I shared a video of the Queen Emma in , , swing open from a land perspective. How about this 4X-speeded up video of the floating bridge opening up from my perspective ON the bridge, to let a sailboat out of the Bay? Enjoy this amazing sight!

- CIBC FirstCaribbean through its charitable arm the FirstCaribbean International ComTrust Foundation, donated a total of USD$250,000 toward the purchase of the kits and hard needed equipment in the countries across its regional footprint.

2019-01 Panama Canal cruise: Just in case we forgot where we were, there were these huge letters to remind us that we were in ! The 2nd photo has my new friends, and Linda, having fun! Edith is which came in handy with the signs here!

2019-01 Panama Canal cruise: Since we were in the port of , 🇨🇼, in early January, they had not taken down the Christmas 🎅🎄👼🎁 decorations yet - all of which added to the festive, tropical atmosphere here!

It's June 1st and since I'm tweeting about a Panama Canal cruise I took in early 2019, I have a great video to share from the port of , 🇨🇼. This is the famous Queen Emma floating that swings open up to 30 times a day to let boats and ships through! 🥰

2019-01 Panama Canal cruise: Good morning... this was our 1st stop at on the island of 🇨🇼, an autonomous Dutch country! It's a beautiful day for a walking adventure in the port of Willemstad. Let's go! via

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