New! From Calmer Chameleon: Session APA with CTZ, Idaho 7, Mosaic & Simcoe 3.9%. UT3.62 Goose Willis: Gooseberry fool sour 5.3%. UT3.79 From Confidently Lost: Oat IPA with simcoe, citra & chinook 5.8%. UT 3.88

lovers, fall is almost here. What's your favorite fall beer and who makes it? Mine is Octoberfest

Ep. #32 is out! This week we’re drinking 3 beers from Naked Dove Brewing Co. Besides that Sopko and Jim sit down with Naked Dove’s head brewer and Rochester brewing legend Dave Schlosser.

Cheers drinkers enjoy the beers tonight thanks for the extra glass 👊🍻 probably see you in a couple of weeks again 😂

Let’s get Saturday evening off to a great start. A lovely pale ale.

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