More Than Life || Hillsong Worship || Guitar Solo Cover

Going through my dads records today. My grandpa had a duel record player/ cassette player, so I will someday blast these on it! Hopefully when I someday have kids, so they know what real music is.

80’s (lower left) and lots of smoke - rest of pic from the mini Death Star ⭐️ it’ll be fine I’m sure! 😊

Emma Bovary and I had a stroll. Who read Madame Bovary? Imagine she lived in another century...

The genitive is the real MVP of Ancient Greek. What a case.

Kent & Wednesdays: . Ever heard the story of Porcia, wife of Brutus? She stabbed herself to convince Brutus to trust her with his plans to murder the tyrant Caesar. The Romans prized honour & sacrifice at all levels, including among political advisors.

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