Looks like the pros have all gone back home and maybe now the local community can focus on the City’s real problems, neighborhood shootings, economic development, and giving away money that the city just doesn’t have.

If Our Government does not VOTE in a Second Stimulus Package on Mon July 20TH; We The People need to have a Seat at our Local and State Government Offices. If they can Sit Comfortably so will The People on Tues, July 21ST.

Did you know that over 80% of all campaign money for 33rd Ward Alderman Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez comes from SEIU HealthCare IL IN HCII PAC and Chicago Teachers Union PAC. Take a look:

Between the fireworks still going off and all the shootings in chicago tonight.. this is how i will be sleeping

Yeah thanks for banning together without masks.

This young man should have your job. Calling all people of Chicago🚨 watch this kid's ideas on how to solve Chicago's problems🙏

“I need a few cars to Trump Tower but make sure they have their helmets.”

Here at the Peace March in Chicago. This is included in a series of events to unite the city of Chicago and take a stand against violence. – at Back Of The Yards neighborhood

An organizer discusses these statistics which show drastic disparities in air quality, cancer risk rates and respiratory hazard index between 60657 (the zip code in which the Tadin family resides) and 60609 (McKinley Park area).

All black lives protest at Saint Sabina church today at 78th 6:30

“We need the governor to take a real stand and protect his constituents...he’s supposed to represent us,” said Wilson.

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