Black Lives Matter service station set up in front of Cook County Jail. Food and water supplies! Offering to drive protesters home or order them Ubers.

83/Stewart: an 11-year-old was left at Walmart by his looting family members, he stays on 105th and Wentworth and needs a ride home, he's sitting there looking disheveled. "Call DCFS, open a case."

Lincoln park zoo in has spoken. They said FYM... we got all our animals over here.

Enraged protesters violently drag & toss cop in amid protests READ MORE:

Dispatcher: Madison says they looted Lincoln Park Zoo... "there's a hippo walking in the street, someone's holding a monkey, and other animals are walking around." Cop: Is it Dr. Doolittle?

The tweets about animals from Lincoln Park Zoo being let loose is totally false. I’ve been listening to that beat on the scanner all night .

JUST GOT WORD THE POLICE WERE TOLD TO LET PEOPLE GO!!!!!!Everyone is going home now! Thank you all so much for your support in sharing!!!


Love seeing how people support and help each other. This is what a society should be, despite all the injustice. Be safe my friends.

Group of protesters are standing off with police on State and Kinzie near Trump Tower.

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