Just confirmed with 7th district that Troy is STILL in custody. When I asked why, no reply. And when I asked if protesting police murder is vs the law in , she hung up. So keep calling! Drop the charges and release him immediately! Call 312-747-8220

Dispatch: There is a naked man grooming himself in the bathroom at Mariano's. The manager would like him removed.

8 years ago today I actually had to be convinced to attend this game. How close I was to missing something magical.

The 10 black men killed by other black men this past Memorial Day in define a terrible American reality. The killing of by white cops in Minneapolis defines another. When their sons go outdoors, Black families should not fear cops more than they fear crooks.

Today is the 71st birthday of the State Street Bridge over the Chicago River.

Eddie Gaedel roaming the streets of Chicago before a surprise appearance at the White Sox game at Comiskey Park, May 26th 1959

My uncle just passed away from in 😞 A perfectly healthy man, never thought would actually take him away from us. No one could visit him in his last days on vent in the hospital. Ghusl and burial is another painful tale. 🙏

This past 3-day weekend brought several magical moments in Chicago. Here's another one from Saturday morning.

Reasons to love although weird weather at times, there’s always a 🌈 that follows

In the city of the big shoulders, at the pizzeria with the deep dish, in . Season 3 Friday May 29 ♥️

Our afternoon storm ends with low hanging rainbow behind Chicago's Hancock Center.

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