Feeling pawsome today! I thought I would pose for these photos to show off my ruff and paws 😸💕

This is the best spot for nap - sun puddle and A/C vent....

I am not feeling well today. The human fears I have a UTI or kidney infection. We’re going to the vet later this afternoon. At this moment, I’m deep in thought, trying to decide just how much I’m going to fight when they put me in the carrier...

Morning furriends! My mummy has put this strange thing around my neck and won’t stop squealing about how cute I am now! Do you think I look like a grown up cat now?

I need as many cat friends as possible all follow me cats and cat fans 😽😽😽😽 give me a retweet

Hello furriends, I’m on my throne watching those weird hoomans doing whatever it is that hoomans do. Do you think I’m still a cutie?

Keep the noise down please. I’ve got a very bad catnip hangover today. I was out partying last night with strange white cat. He loves the nip too.

Reddington's still on oxygen but hasn't had any more seizures. He's lost his vision, but the vet tells me it's transitory.I went to see him and he put his head in my hand. it broke my heart.I have to go to work with unimaginable pain. Love you my sweet friends ❤️

Kevin: ‘Sunday is a day of rest’ Dad: It’s Saturday Kevin? Kevin: ‘Saturday is a practice day for Sunday’ Dad: I’ve never heard that quote before, who first said that? Kevin: Me, just then, it will be a famous quote one day

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