SitRep: The military isn't the enemy. The Anarchists,(who are pyromaniacs), are and may have hijacked Antifa, who have definitely hijacked BLM. We have factions now splinter celling and shit like a virus. Kinda like what鈥檚 been happening here on Twitter and Facebook.

Monday. A new week, a fresh start. One more chance to excel, to do good things, to reach for the brass ring during a generational crisis.

Love what you have before you鈥檙e forced to remember what you had...

Day 366. One of the best years yet! Thank you Lord! My hands will forever be raised for all glory & honor is Yours! Congrats UERM Batch 2020!

A little girl came to feed my horse apples today. Totally unplanned.

When lockdown was announced, I felt deflated & truth be told, found it all very challenging. Several weeks on & I've a far greater appreciation for life & most especially those that share it with me 鉂わ笍 "If you want to see a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!"

Morning Twitter. Have a fabulous Friday. Here's a fleeting mayfly to remind us life is short and we must seize the day. Deep eh?

Over the next few weeks, we鈥檒l be sharing some new swag headed to Iridium鈥檚 partners around the world. First up, 馃寠馃殼

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