The infrastructure bank is nothing more than a front for corrupt liberals to donate our money to questionable people/organizations....they in kind "donate" to the liberal party/trudeau foundation...the new liberal sponsorship scandal

Loyalist Memorial Church The present church of St. Alban-the-Martyr, erected 1884-1888, was built through public subscriptions as a memorial to the Loyalists of the area.

In 1968, TSr. went from a Prof.-communist to the PM of 🇨🇦. ’s national debt was a $11.3B & federal deficit was $0. When TSr. left office in 1984, debt had grown ~10x, to $128B; & deficit to $25B/y, but his budget never balanced itself, ⚠ ‼

how many were allowed to demonstrate in 🇨🇦 cities? But no grad ceremonies for young students who worked off their behinds, achieve the completion of a Degree and no possibility to celebrate via graduation ceremony? Really?

actively censoring footage of police SUVs ramming into protesters. ACAB.

Hundreds showed up in Vancouver, BC, today to peacefully protest violence against POC. Canadians care about police violence too! In solidarity! ✊🏼

Hey ? It's . Yo, wanna work together to build some walls?

Well the wearing not wearing fraud can't be trusted. So WHO is getting their advice from?

So, , how does it feel to be leader of the Free World?

Those calling a dictator: It is obscenely offensive to those of us who have barely escaped from actual dictatorships and found heaven here. As a Muslim, I will never die fighting for ISIS, but will gladly die a hundred times for .

We send our congratulations to Bob Nagra who has recently been promoted to the rank of Inspector with Peel Police (Canada). An proud fact - Inspector Nagra was the first turban wearing Sikh to join Peel police in 1999 🙏🏾.

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