My finished poster for California Academy of Sciences I had a ton of fun making this one!

According to the annual report, only one exhibit at the is considered competition. Not the whole aquarium - just one exhibit. But the entire is? Companies need to stop using interns to compile lists.

Ok, so little worms, (actually eels) sticking out of the sand and watching us, around a dozen, counts as strangest thing we saw in

Lots, I bet! I fondly recall that \ exhibit specifically about the science-related strips. Thagomizers forever.

because small changes can make a big impact on our planet. Saving less data of google users saves energy aswell! the , and the Foundation to and the .

Best part of this convo with @kwhudnut and John Dvorak was the story of legendary scientist G.K. Gilbert and botany hero Alice Eastwood. The met on a hike up Mt. Whitney. Blue Dot 140: John Dvorak

I felt like I was back home in Texas in this two story rainforest... Except instead of the beautiful butterflies swarming around us there would be mosquitos. lol.

These armadillos are armadorable! Shooting in Texas for a new 鈥淪kins鈥 campaign for .

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